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We do the research so you don't have to! Formulated by Āyurvedic practitioner Amaya Shiva, our high potency line of products utilizes 5,000 years of proven science to meet your wellness needs. All blends are made with a precision that enhances efficacy and bioavailability using organic, sustainably sourced herbs to support your health and wellbeing naturally.

Is Low Libido Impacting Your Relationships and Creative Spark?

"This delicious 30 second morning ritual restored my sex drive and even boosted my daily energy! It's been such a relief to have my sex drive return (my partner also couldn't be happier), and I'm beyond grateful to Siddha Labs. I also feel good knowing that this is an all natural ayurvedic product!"

Amy M

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Tap Into Your Sensuality and Creative Energy- Simply Add a 1/2 tsp of LUST® to Your Daily Routine!

LUST® contains 7 key Āyurvedic nutrients that have been shown to help you regain your mojo and be confident in your sensuality once again.

"It only took about three days of adding the “lust dust” (as I like to call it) to my morning coffee (it has a pleasant chocolate-y flavor) before I started noticing that, ahem, things were happening. Pretty shocking and exciting, to be honest!" Amy M, ABQ

And it's not just your libido that these nutrients can help support..

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Amaya's Story

"I struggled with chronic back pain that left me unable to WALK for a week of every month for 15 years of my life that left me stressed and depressed.

No western doctor, MRI, or X-ray could figure it out.

Āyurveda did what western medicine couldn't, and simple dietary changes combined with Āyurvedic herbal medicines cured me for good.

Nobody should suffer when there are time tested solutions to help you, which is why I'm committed to arming you with the knowledge and products you need to live your best life!!"

Meet Amaya