New Tattoo® Internal Tattoo Aftercare

Siddha Labs

  • Boost your body's healing process post-tattoo with our āyurvedic formula featuring herbs used for thousands of years to detoxify and nourish lymph, liver, and skin!*

    This holistic formula is expertly designed to help your body manage the stress of getting tattooed, and to help your body process excess pigment that enters the body as part of the tattoo process.*

    Why is using internal aftercare important for health?

    When you get tattooed, cortisol production spikes in response to the stress and pain of the process and pigment enters the bloodstream, migrating to your liver and lymph nodes. High cortisol levels directly reduce immune system, and lymphatic health is critical for longterm wellness as it provides the first line of defense against disease.

    This is precisely why INTERNAL aftercare is so IMPORTANT!! Because the heavy lifting of healing your tattoo happens beneath your skin, which is untouched by externally applied ointments.

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