Being of Bliss and Warrior of Light Total Transformation

Siddha Labs

  • Sadā Shiva Total Transformation

    12 week program

    1 x complete systems health analysis to uncover your mind-body type

    6 Biweekly sessions that take you deep into Self, Spirit, and Source

    1 x Vedic Astrology session to uncover your Dharma

    Emotional re-patterning with NLP

    Guided Cleanse to reset and detox your body for the foundation of health you need to thrive!

    Additional support includes

    -Weekly homework to guide, inspire, and elevate you

    -Private online community of current and previous participants


    - Marco Polo contact from Sarah

    -Personal text support from Sarah

    -Personalized reading and video recommendations

    -Access to all of Sarah’s e-courses for 1 year (you can even repeat them!)


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