Live Your Full F*** Yes! An Āyurvedic Masterclass on Doing your Dharma | Sat April 10

Siddha Labs

Join Amaya Shiva to learn her 5 step framework for living your Full F*** Yes so you can live a life of Magic, Magnetism, and Meaning!! She will guide participants on how to apply the principles of Āyurveda and Vedic Wisdom to uncover your WHY and build the foundation you NEED to create the life you want and deserve!

Every single person on this planet (hello YOU) has a unique gift, a DIVINE medicine, that only they can share with the world- But most people don’t know what that is or how to express it, leaving them confused, lost, and yearning for a way to tap into their Higher Self and Purpose. Stress, anxiety, confusion, fear, and feelings of being lost are feedback from your SOUL that things to need change because you have strayed off course. It's time to get back on track and align your inner and outer worlds - do your divine dharma and live a life of POWER and PURPOSE!

This Workshop is for YOU if


  • You know you're on the precipice of BIG changes in your life, and want more clarity around what your purpose is
  • You're EVOLVING, and you are ready to align with an evolved community
  • You've changed SO much in the last year and your old ways no longer serve you
  • The same conversations and thought patterns are no longer cutting it
  • You are ready for an approach to Ayurveda that invites the WHOLE you..
  • The part of you that meditates AND says fuck (hello me!)
  • That merges eastern wisdom and western lifestyles- instead of feeling like you need to live in an ashram just to be spiritual


When we ignore the message from our Souls about how to live, when we operate from HABIT instead of for HAPPINESS, it takes a tremendous toll on your ability to live the life of BLISS that is your Divine Birthright as a human being. Stress, anxiety, anger, attachment, sadness, and depression are SIGNALS that something is amiss in your life and should NOT be ignored when they rule your life for prolonged periods of time.

Becoming your best Self is not only NECESSARY, it is NOBLE, and frees up precious energy you have been leaking so you can become empowered, embodied, and MAGNETIC. When your mind is clear, when you live with PURPOSE and INTENTION, negative habits and emotions MELT away and are replaced with happiness, bliss, and joy no matter the external circumstance. Self-Evolution is a marathon not a sprint.

Join Amaya’s masterclass and learn how to

•build your foundation of wellness from the ground up and what order is most effective from physical to emotional wellness

•identify core beliefs and patterns shaping you today and how to work WITH them instead of AGAINST them to break free of limiting beliefs

• discern between ego and the language of intuition, and build tools to support decision making

• cultivate emotional intelligence in order to call in the life you DESIRE

• Use ancient healing modalities to rewire your subconscious mind

• uncover your WHY and start living it!!


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