4/3/21 Back to Balance: The Āyurvedic Science of Harmony Through Opposites

Siddha Labs

Class Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 10 am PST

What if I told you the secret to balancing your health is as simple as using hot water to balance cold? That the clues to the most powerful solutions for your health concerns, from ADD, anxiety, stomach pain, obesity, dry skin, and so much more, can be brought to balance by simple remedies in your diet and lifestyle!

The real POTENCY of Ayurveda lies in understanding the gunas, or qualities that make up the doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, and refining your understanding of how to balance the specific quality that is out of balance makes a HUGE difference in how you manage your health!

How do we balance hot? We add cold to make it warm. What is ADHD from the Āyurvedic perspective? Excessive movement of the mind! This simple yet profound principle is life changing when you can start to see it in your daily life. Understanding the 20 opposing pairs of Āyurveda is your key to going deeper into understanding your own imbalances, what causes them, and how to manage them with dietary and lifestyle changes.

Join Amaya for this masterclass on Satur, December 17th at 5pm PDT for a deeper dive into the gunas so you can learn

-what qualities cause sleeplessness so you can balance for better rest

-the root causes of dry, and aging skin, and how to hydrate from within

-the 20 qualities of Ayurveda including opposites and how these are reflected in our bodies

-basics of balancing with diet to boost your immunity and improve digestion

-and so much more!

Don't delay, reserve your seat today!

 Class Time: Saturday, April 3rd at 10 am PST- Link provided after purchase!


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