Ayurveda and the Mind 2 part Masterclass Sat June 12 & Wed June 23rd

Siddha Labs

Do emotional fluctuations drain you or block you from deeper connections with others? Do you want to understand the analytics of your own mind/body to optimize health and vitality? Are you a highly sensitive person? Are you curious to know what anger, grief, insecurity, cowardice, and attachment all have in common? Then this 2 part Masterclass is for you!


Join Amaya Shiva for this game changing 2 part workshop in which we will explore both the mental and physical aspects of emotions, how to strengthen your health for emotional stability, and how to boost your vitality through emotional healing using the lens of Ayurveda and NLP (neurolinguistic programming).


Participants will learn

-emotional markers associated with each organ including balanced and imbalanced

-the 6 emotions of excellent health

-the shadow emotions of each chakra and how to balance

-specific herbs and practices to physically heal your emotions

-emotional repatterning exercises to learn how to overcome negative emotional states



Part of 1 of our series will focus on the analytics of your emotions and how they relate to physical health, and how to stabilize your emotional state with diet, lifestyle, and herbs. Part 2 will focus on the shadow emotions of each chakra and how to unravel pain, shame, and blame connected to your childhood stories.

Join us and learn practical tools to bring balance and bliss back into your life! It's time to reclaim your birthright :)


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