About us

Our Mission

Optimized wellness NOW!

How do we do this?

By crafting our products and content according to the time tested tenets of Āyurveda, the medical science of India that has successfully treated billions of people for over 5,000 years!

All of our products strictly follow Āyurvedic principles to deliver superior products and are formulated by Sarah Otto-Combs, Āyurvedic Pracitioner and wellness advocate.

Our commitment

We are committed to helping you achieve optimal wellness by creating products you can trust, and by providing you with unparalleled wellness content so you can apply the principles of Āyurveda to your life to enhance your health, happiness, and longevity. Our ultimate success is YOUR HEALTH!

Because we believe health is a birthright, not a privilege.

The big picture

Our formulas are based on principles of whole-body wellness- healthy blood is about far more than just iron, and reproductive wellness is about far more than just your libido!

That's why we use synergistic herbal formulas based on the classical texts of Āyurveda, the oldest medical science in the world, instead of one component supplements that view our bodies too simplistically. Our bodies are more than just the sum of our parts, and are intelligent, complex beings filled with multitudes of other organisms! Take a moment to appreciate the magic that is you!

All of our products are made with organic, sustainably sourced āyurvedic herbs that are fairly traded.

Our radical formula for radical health

Great health comes from more than just taking a supplement, it comes from taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. We know that, which is why we will continue to develop content to support you on your journey.

We want to hear from you!

Tell us what you have questions about, and we will do our best to find peer reviewed, science based sources to answer your queries.  We will also continue to develop products based on the needs of you, our customers and community members.  

Have a health problem you want to solve? Message us! We want to hear what you are concerned about, and see what we can do to help you.

Because healing is a community endeavor

Welcome home.

What it means

Siddha; n. perfected being

We believe your HUMAN BODY is your LAB in which you are working to achieve PERFECTION. That's right. We all have limitless potential, we just need to unlock it so we can start to thrive instead of survive.

Life is too short to live less than one hundred percent.


Supreme achievement- empowering people’s ability to achieve their dreams and goals through physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing

Intelligence- to use resources wisely and with consideration for our planet and each other

Daily- to make every day a part of our commitment to the health and harmony of all beings

Diligence- to find the best possible natural solutions for health concerns

Health & Happiness- to support health as a platform for personal achievement and community development

All is One-  to live and work in a way that honors our interdependence and role in ecosystems


Sarah Otto-Combs, Founder & CEO, AP

A self-proclaimed “total plant nerd”, Sarah is a NAMA certified Āyurvedic Practitioner, e-RYT 200 Āyuryoga instructor, and former environmental scientist. Sarah was inspired to help others on their journey to great health after her own tremendous transformation through Āyurveda. Years of suffering from health conditions that left her barely able to walk for weeks at a time led to relentless investigation into all things medicine and eventually to Āyurveda, the oldest medical science in the world.

She completed her studies at the Āyurvedic Institute under the guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad, known throughout the West for his deeply spiritual insights into this profound science. Sarah watched Dr. Lad create thousands of customized herbal formulas for clients from around the world, and it was here that she honed her herbal compounding skills, which started in 2009 with an ethnobotanical apprenticeship through Earthwalk Northwest and her first product, Keeper of the Ink. She has crafted hundreds of unique formulas for clients and brings passion, vision, and indigenous wisdom traditions to her herbal creations. Healthy People for a Healthy Planet!

 Sarah is available for private consultations, education, and lectures. Please check her schedule by contacting her at sarah@siddhalabs.com.