Sarah's Favorite Kitchari recipe times 2!

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Did you know kitchari is an Āyurvedic SUPERFOOD that has used for over 5,000 years to RESET, RENEW, and BEAUTIFY your body?!

Do you want a simple, delicious, and satisfying recipe that leaves your body feeling happy, healthy, and nourished without weighing you down? 

Are you paleo/vegan/plant based and looking for a ghee free alternative?

Is your body craving a delicious home cooked meal that is packed with protein and spices that nourish your gut biome?

I've got you covered, because you are getting not just one, but TWO recipes, the traditional and a paleo friendly plant-based option!

I've also added incredible bonuses, including

-a delicious chutney recipe

-perfect add-on's to make your kitchari even tastier

-pro tips on how to improve digestion

-easy format shopping list

-designed for mobile phone so you can take with you to the store!

Get your double recipe today so you can experience the wonderful benefits of kitchari including

🔥 easy to digest

💥 complete amino acid profile

😊 nourishing

🤯 detoxifying

🦄 pacifies all the doshas

🤓 resets your entire system


Don't delay, get yours today!

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