Is Low Sex Drive Impacting Your Relationships and Creative Energy? Do You Want Your Spark Back?

"This delicious 30-second morning ritual restored my sex-drive and even boosted my daily energy."

Amy M.

It’s been such a relief to have my sex drive return (my partner also couldn’t be happier, to say the least), and I’m beyond grateful to Siddha Labs. I also feel good knowing that this is an all-natural āyurvedic product.


"I believe men and women of all ages deserve a healthy sex life!"

~ Amaya Shiva, Founder of Hemakshi Herbals

Don't let low sex drive impact your life and relationships!

A healthy sex drive is a sign of a healthy body, and when you are stressed and overworked this is often the first thing to go, much to your distress and that of your lover!

And when you lose your sex drive you lose things like intimacy with your partner, connection with your creative spark, and a feeling of youthful energy.

This is a problem that has plagued women across the world for thousands of years. So, please remember that you are not alone in wondering where your libido has gone.

But, you do have the ability to fix it... and all from the convenience and privacy of your home!

Ancient Healers Discovered 7 Key Nutrients That Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally...

For millennia, healers (especially from Asia) have used powerful herbs to help women restore their libido naturally without side effects. Not only do these herbs restore libido, they support reproductive health and vitality!

In fact, one herb (shatāvari) has been called "she who has a hundred husbands."

And modern science has proven that their discoveries work.

A 2016 study found that 67% of women with very low libidos had increased sexual desire after taking tribulus, one of the ingredients in LUST®. (1)

Restore Your Mojo With A Simple 30-Second Morning Ritual You'll Love

Tap Into Your Sensuality and Creative Energy- Simply Add a 1/2 tsp of LUST® to Your Daily Routine!

LUST® contains 7 key Āyurvedic nutrients that have been shown to help you regain your mojo and be confident in your sensuality once again.

Here's what Amy M. said about LUST®:

"It only took about three days of adding the “lust dust” (as I like to call it) to my morning coffee (it has a pleasant chocolate-y flavor) before I started noticing that, ahem, things were happening. Pretty shocking and exciting, to be honest!"

And it's not just your libido that these nutrients can help support...

Get ready to enjoy...

  • Improved mood*
  • Hormonal support*
  • Increased creative energy*
  • Increased sensuality*
  • Increased confidence*
  • Intimacy in your relationship*


Gluten Free

Practitioner Formulated

Woman Owned

LUST® Contains 7 Key Āyurvedic Nutrients For Boosting Libido

shown to increase libido in women experiencing low sex drive in clinical studies (2)*

targeted anti-inflammatory support to reduce bodily stress*

supports a healthy stress response for a relaxed nervous system*

renowned women's reproductive tonic shown to nourish reproductive fluids for more juiciness*

natural aphrodisiac and potentizer that activates your sexual energy*

nourishes female reproductive system and hydrates at a cellular level to keep your fluids flowing*

renowned women's reproductive tonic shown to nourish reproductive fluids for more juiciness*

Try LUST® Risk-Free for 30-Days!

You can order with confidence today...if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, we'll give you a full refund - just let us know within 30 days of purchase.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Taking LUST®?

The best way to get the most out of Lust is take it regularly. Unlike any other libido enhancer, the ingredients of Lust are working to restore the tissues that support a healthy libido.

This means that it is best used over time to help support the body in its natural processes.

And you are here because you value all natural, holistic solutions for your wellbeing.

Getting a subscription for Lust® is the best way to supercharge your sexual wellness routine!


Amaya Shiva

Hi! I’m Amaya Shiva, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Founder, and Formulator at Siddha Labs.

I bet by now you're asking yourself, "Why didn't I know about this product sooner?!" Don't worry, it's never too late to take care of your sex drive and health using all natural, Āyurvedic herbs.

When I created Lust, I wanted people to get back in touch with their sensual and creative spark because this is a vital element of human enjoyment, and one of the 4 aims of human life according to Āyurvedic wisdom.

Our customers lifestyles range from celibate to married, but what they all have in common is this- a desire for more lusciousness in life and a commitment to putting only the best, natural ingredients in their bodies.

Not only that, our formula is tasty and easy to use. But don't take my word for it- try it for yourself and feel the difference!

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Order LUST® Desire & Libido enhancer today and save 25% by signing up for a subscription!

Lust® Desire & Libido Support

Lust is the real deal. If you’re feeling like your sex drive could use a boost, Lust is the way to go. My partner started taking it regularly about a month ago and let’s just say, the results have been incredibly satisfying for both of us! And if that isn’t enough, it happens to taste great too!

- Kevin


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