Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

Change Your Mind to Change Your Life!

September 18, 2019

From what you eat to how you experience the world, it’s all about digestion. When we digest our food and mental experiences properly, we are healthy, happy, and full of boundless energy.

When we don’t, this is where things start to go very, very wrong.

 You are not what you eat!  You are what you do and do not digest, and this is an incredibly important distinction. We are taught that “eating healthy” and “doing the right thing” are we what we need to get by and succeed in the world. However, what is healthy for some is detrimental for others, and we must be able to distinguish between the two for longevity and wellness.

 Mental experiences require digestion just like your food.

 “Trauma and negative emotional patterning are undigested mental experiences.”

Just like your undigested food leaves a residual coating that we call “āma” in Āyurveda, so do experiences that are unresolved and unprocessed (trāma). This is what grief, anger, sadness, confusion, and frustration all stem from. There is something we haven’t fully digested lingering in our psyches, and we need to burn it up in order to move on.

So how do we process mental experiences? The most succinct and useful technique I have heard from comes from Tony Robbins himself. Either change your perception or change your procedure.

What does that mean?

When we have an undigested mental experience, or trauma, it is because we have a negative perception about it. We think our partner cheated on us because we are inadequate, or that we got fired from our job because our boss was an unfair prick. By consciously seeking the underlying meaning we are giving to situations, we give ourselves an opportunity to change the meaning. We often find that we are giving a false meaning to a circumstance, and by readjusting our perception, are able to digest the experience and move on. Giving ourseves the space to really understand the meaning we are giving to a situation can be incredibly freeing, as our tendency as human beings is to project our own meanings onto things, instead of objectively being able to see the truth.

What happens if we find the meaning was true, but still need to move forward?

This is where the power of procedure comes into play.  If we are having negative feedback and determine that it is accurate, this means we need to change how we play the game. Feel bad about lying to someone? This means you shouldn’t lie!  Unhappy with how you are treated at work and justifiably so? It’s time to get a new job! Not making the income to live the lifestyle you want? It’s time to change!

Sometimes we feel bad because we aren’t living up to a standard that we need, and if that’s the case, it’s time to change our procedure to meet that standard. 

These 2 practices are incredibly powerful tools for readjusting our mental states and to free up our focus for bigger and better things. Life is precious and short- it’s time to free yourself for the bliss and beauty you were meant for.

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