Sarah's Story

Photo of Siddha Labs Founder Sarah Otto-Combs smiling and wearing an orange jumper


I suffered from chronic back pain that left me barely able  to walk for a week of every month for over 15 years that no western doctor could resolve.

Āyurveda did what western medicine couldn't, and simple dietary changes plus a 90 day herbal protocol cured my seemingly "incurable" condition.

This inspired me so much that I gave up my career as an environmental scientist to move to New Mexico to study Ayurveda!

And this is why I founded Siddha Labs- because I’m passionate about helping as many people achieve the health they need for the life they deserve as possible- I know firsthand what it's like to suffer needlessly from conditions that seem chronic, but often have very simple solutions!

Less than 5% of brands are backed up by clinical expertise, mislabeling is rampant, and consumers are increasingly wary of side effects caused by pharmaceuticals.

We address these problems by harnessing the technology of Ayurveda, the oldest medical science in the world, to create targeted herbal supplements that address specific consumer needs consumers backed up by expertise, transparency in sourcing, and without side effects.

Because health is truly your greatest wealth :)

Welcome to a better you, and welcome to the Siddha Labs Family!

With Love,

Sarah Otto-Combs,

Founder & CEO